Temecula Weather Report January 2022

This Temecula weather report for January 2022 will show you what the weather will be like this month and beyond. You can expect average rainfall of 0.7 inches per day, average snowfall of 0.5 inches per month, and temperatures ranging from 73.4 to 53.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The shortest day of the month is January 1, and the longest day is January 31 at 10 hours, 34 minutes. The average daily temperature is 67.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

In January, the highest temperature will be 70.8 degrees Fahrenheit, with a daily chance of 21%. The lowest temperature is 6degF, while the highest daily precipitation rate will be 21% on June 23. The sliding 31-day rainfall estimates are based on the average precipitation for Temecula for January 2022. On the average, there will be 2.3 inches of rain in Temecula each month. The amount of rain is often higher or lower, but rarely is it more than 6.8 inches.

The Temecula climate is dry and moderate. The minimum temperature will be around 18 degrees C, while the maximum temperature will be about four degrees Celsius. The coldest month is January, with average daily temperatures of 4degC. The city has an average of 73mm (2.9 inches) of rainfall each month. Rainfall is spread out over 5 days, with sunshine averaging 8.3 hours a day.

The highest temperature will be 59 degrees Fahrenheit on January 21. The lowest will be 79 degrees on September 7, which is the hottest month of the year. The lowest temperatures will be in the mid-60s, and the coldest will be on the highest plateau in March and April. The low temperature will be in the mid-70s. This high-end temperature is common in January, but you may still want to dress appropriately, regardless of what the forecast shows.

The high temperature will be 57 degrees F on the high and low-temperature will be 42 degrees F. The low temperature will be 42 degrees F. This is the coldest month of the year. The daily high temperatures will be 48 degrees F. The average temperatures for January 2022 will be around 40 degF. The daily low will be 58 degrees. It is an ideal time to visit this region of California.

Winter will be warm with below-normal mountain snows. The coldest period will be mid-December through mid-January. Early January and February will see storms while December will be the driest month. The highest temperatures will occur in late December and early March. The hottest months will be mid-July and August. Meanwhile, September and October will be close to normal. The hottest and coolest months will be the same as in the last century.

The Temecula weather in January 2022 will be warmer than average. The coldest month is January 2022. The temperatures will be near average on the northern part of California. However, the southern part will have colder temperatures, with a low of minus ten and below-average temperatures in December. The Southern portion of the state will experience a cooler than normal temperature in January. The northern part of the state will be below normal in terms of temperature.

The temperature in Temecula will be cooler than the rest of the state. The minimum is 18degC while the high is 16degC. The average high will be around 68degC. Despite the cool winter temperatures, the average daily low is only slightly below average in the Litchfield Hills. The daytime maximum will be in the low teens. In the southern part of the county, the temperatures are above average in January.

The temperature will be relatively colder than the other parts of the area. In San Diego, the temperature will be the highest in the city. Coastal areas will be cool. If you’re planning to go on vacation in Temecula, consider the climate in the north. In the north, winter temperatures are very mild and the weather in southern California is moderate. Generally, it’s best to stay in the Southern part of the city for the month of January.

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