Temecula Splash Pad – Margarita Community Park

The Temecula Splash Pad at Margarita Community Park is aimed at kids from different age levels and offers a fun and safe area where kids who need extra help play, explore and socialize. The splashpad is an immersive and interactive play experience for Temeculan children. The enclosure provides an entrance and exit point in the case of child wandering. California Water partnered with Pacific Play Systems to build the splash pad.

If you’re looking for a great splash pad in Temecula, California, look no further than the Gathering spot. This local park features a dog park, sports fields, a playground, and a splash zone. It’s an ideal gathering spot for kids of all abilities and ages. If you’re looking for a family day out, you can’t go wrong with the Gathering spot.

The Eagle Soar Temecula Splash Pad is a great spot for families with special needs children. The water feature is free and a sprinkler tower brings the water up into the air. Parents will appreciate the one entry and exit, and the accessible playground equipment. This splash pad is located at 29119 Margarita Rd. in Temecula. In addition to the Eagle Soar, this park is also home to the nearby Eagle Soar mall.

Margarita Community Park has a splash pad, multiple play areas, and a large lawn. The park is intended to be a family friendly, inclusive playground, but it may close from time to time for safety reasons. So, before you take the kids to the splash pad, make sure you check with the park about closing times and how to keep the water safe. If you have small children, the water may be too cold or too hot for them.

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