Temecula Schools

Temecula Schools consist of Temecula Valley Unified School District (the public school system) and several private schools. The TVUSD serves Temecula as well as unincorporated areas of Murrieta and Winchester. It is the fourth largest school district in Riverside County. Learn more about the schools in Temecula, California. Listed below are some of the schools in the district. Read on to learn more about the district. Located in Riverside County, the Temecula Valley is home to more than 38,000 students. In 2011, it became the fourth largest district in the state.

Currently, 10% of students speak a language other than English at home. The most common language spoken in homes is Spanish. The district’s educational statistics show that more than 60 different languages are spoken in homes.

This article will give you some basic information about Temecula Valley Unified School District. The district stretches over 148 square miles from the San Diego County line in the south to Highway 79 and Winchester Road in the north and east to Vail Lake. The general boundaries extend:

  • North to Baxter Road in French Valley
  • South to the Riverside County line
  • East to Vail Lake
  • West to the Temecula city limit

The district educates about 30,000 students in 31 schools, including a new charter school, Temecula Since the turn of the century, Temecula Valley Unified School District has been recognized as California Distinguished Schools. This honor is bestowed upon five percent of public schools in California, and it requires a rigorous selection process. The state’s No Child Left Behind Program and Academic Performance Index are two of the most important factors in choosing a school for the award. In the case of Temecula, all of these criteria were met, which has given the district the distinction.

The district’s philosophy is Educators need to design an enjoyable, positive, safe environment where children are empowered to flourish and develop. This requires professional teachers with a deep awareness of our mission and a great understanding of working with children.

To be sure, Temecula’s public schools are above average. Having said that, the district has decided to leave the Riverside County SELPA and create its own. As a result, the district will receive an extra $800,000 in funding this year. It will also develop its own special education services, including a comprehensive program for children with disabilities. In addition, the district has formed regional consortiums and plans to expand its existing special education programs.

Temecula Valley Elementary  Schools

One of the top things to consider before choosing a Temecula elementary school is whether or not the school offers any special programs that are unique to that school. The Temecula Valley School District offers a wide range of clubs, including a TV production program, choir, drama, and Watch D.O.G.S. The district focuses on fostering a nurturing environment while emphasizing critical thinking and character development.

The Ysabel Barnett Elementary pioneers are located on the west side of the city and feature monthly directives to help students learn and grow. The district has several other elementary schools and preschools that focus on different needs and interests. However, Vail ES is unique in its mission to combat bullying.

While there are a number of schools in the Temecula Valley Unified School District, Paloma Elementary School is the perfect fit for any student. Located off Regina Drive, Paloma is a popular school that hosts many community events such as PTA Jog-A-Thons and Fundraiser Card Sales. The PTA at Paloma Elementary School has a strong focus on community service and is actively involved in fundraising. A similar program is offered at Pauba Valley Elementary School.

Another excellent choice for students is Vail ES in Temecula Valley School District. With 602 students, it is the second-largest public school in the state of California and the thirteenth-largest in the country. It is a very small school with twenty-two students per teacher. It also offers buddy classes, so that each student has an equal number of peers. It is important for parents to know that these schools offer special programs that will help their children succeed.

Crowne Hill Royal is the largest school in the TVUSD and has a student-teacher ratio of 27. The school has five-star ratings and is located off Camino San Jose Road. It is a co-ed school with students in grades Kindergarten through grade five. It is a nonsectarian institution. Most of the schools in the Temecula Valley Unified School District have high ratings and are a great option for families.

Temecula Valley High Schools

One of the Temecula High Schools is Temecula Valley High School. Also known as “TV”, it serves grades 9-12 in the city of the same name. It opened in 1985 as the town’s first high school. The school was originally part of the Elsinore Union HS District and later became part of the Temecula Valley Unified School District. Today, it is the largest high school in the area. Temecula high schools offer academic decathlon competitions, mock trial competitions, and a variety of other extracurricular activities. While each of these schools has its own reputation for success, there is no doubt that Temecula high schools have something in common. In addition to providing good education, the school district has a reputation for getting the majority of students prepared for college. In 2011, a survey of the graduating class of each of the district’s high schools revealed that 43 percent of the students completed “A-G” classes. The rate for Riverside County was nearly 40 percent. This is due to the high level of academic pressure students are under during their high school years. The District’s high schools also focus on the education of students who are struggling to read and write English. Many of these schools also have a mock trial competition and academic decathlon events. The Temecula High Schools have a high graduation rate, with most students completing “A-G” classes. The California Department of Education found that only 37 percent of all California high school graduates complete “A-G” classes. The county’s rate is nearly 40 percent. With this new system, the district is aiming to prepare the next generation for college.

While the district’s current policy of naming a single valedictorian was a long-standing tradition, some residents are now calling for a change. The article, published in the Bulletin of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, explains that naming a single valedictorial is arbitrary and unfair. Now, the Temecula school board is considering a new honors system for their high schools.

The Temecula Valley Unified School District offers a number of different programs for students in grades 7 through 12. The district’s academic standards are high and students can be ready for college in their senior year by taking classes that improve their GPA. If you’re thinking about enrolling in a college course this year, make sure to check out the requirements for that course before you decide. You’ll be glad you did!


Christian Schools

Linfield Christian School is a private, co-ed K-12 Christian school located on a 100-acre campus in Temecula, California. The school’s colors are red, white, and blue, and its mascot is the lion. If you’re looking for a great education, consider Linfield. Read on to learn more about the school and how you can enroll your child or children. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Linfield Christian School.

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