De Luz


The community of Country Road Estates

De Luz is located about ten miles north of Temecula, California, in a rural setting. Its climate is ideal for agriculture, with plenty of room between neighbors and large plots of land. There is a variety of shopping options within a short drive. The town is also close to the wine country and nearby San Diego, making it an attractive choice for families.

This community is not a retirement community. De Luz used to be a small town, but today, most of it is part of Fallbrook. While homes in this area are located in Temecula and Riverside counties, you can still recognize them by the De-Luz sign. The community of this upscale residential area is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and abundant wildlife.


One of the most attractive aspects of living in De Luz is the sweeping views of the beautiful natural terrain. The surrounding community offers a healthy and active lifestyle. The neighborhood has been described as a paradise for those seeking a peaceful, relaxing lifestyle. In addition to the enticing beauty of the community’s views, it’s also a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Those looking to live in a quiet country setting should consider the fact that this area is only a few miles north of Temecula.

De Luz is not an easy place to live in if you’re retired. The roads are winding through hills and canyons, and most houses are on more than an acre of land. The area is quiet and serene, with plenty of open space to walk around in the nature trails. Unlike many other parts of Temecula, De-Luz offers its residents a unique and peaceful lifestyle.

This area is not a retirement community, but it does have its advantages. It has a beautiful natural environment with rolling hills, abundant wildlife, and beautiful custom-built homes. The road to De-Luz is very scenic, and it’s easy to imagine yourself in this idyllic setting. And, it’s near to the best restaurants and shops in Temecula.

The community of De-Luz is a high-end community in Temecula, California. The homes are set on at least five acres of land. With its rolling hills, ocean breezes, and lush landscape, living in the city of De-Luz will be a wonderful experience for anyone. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy life.

The community of De-Luz is a great place for a family with children. The location is ideal for families, as it has a tennis court, equestrian facilities, and an extensive variety of activities. With its location outside the town of Temecula, living in the community of this tranquil neighborhood offers a unique lifestyle. The area is also safe, and residents who live here enjoy the tranquility of the setting.

The community of De-Luz is a high-end neighborhood located just west of Temecula. The homes in this area are built on at least five acres of land. They offer a private sanctuary that is surrounded by abundant wildlife. The homes are set back from the road, which is one of the major advantages of living in this beautiful region. However, this lack of public transportation can be a downside for many people.

The community of De-Luz is a high-end neighborhood in Temecula, CA. The majority of homes are located on a minimum of five acres of land. The serene environment in this area allows residents to enjoy the rolling hills and the soothing ocean breezes of the surrounding community. While the community is not large, it is considered to be an ideal area for living.

People looking to live in the community of De-Luz will want to be able to enjoy the space and privacy that the area offers. The town is located in Riverside and San Diego counties. The southern portion is a rocky area that is sometimes referred to as “The Canyon” by locals. The northern portion of the community is considered to be a plateau. This is the most picturesque part of the town, with its views of mountains, valleys and greenery.


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