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Hello, I’m HK Motte. For 25 years, I’ve honed my web development, marketing, IT, and cloud engineering skills. My passion led to the creation of “Living in Temecula” – an online platform culminating in these years of expertise, encapsulating everything exceptional about our beloved Temecula.

Being at the vanguard of the digital world has afforded me invaluable insights, ensuring our platform is both current and future-proof. We invite you to be vital to this dynamic and ever-growing community.

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  1. Submit: Fill in our intuitive form to share your business insights.
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You can elevate your business beyond conventional listings. While most directories stop at basic descriptions, we promise to craft an expansive 1500-word highlight article capturing the unique essence of your business.

And the innovations continue beyond there.

We’re on the brink of unveiling our cutting-edge AI chatbot, designed to serve interested visitors 24/7. This futuristic tool will answer any questions about your business using the data you provide. Imagine a world where potential clients get their queries resolved even while you’re engrossed in the day’s work or helping another customer. It’s continuous customer service without any additional overhead.

For this unmatched offering, we’ve made the process even more enticing for a limited time. You can opt for free listings/basic membership and elevate your business’s digital presence.  Typically valued at $49/mo, we offer a Free for all Temecula/Murrieta business owners.

Temecula deserves the best. With your business and our innovative platform, let’s let the city’s vibrancy shine for all to see.

If you have any questions or want to understand more, please contact info@livingintemeculaca.com.